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Beam Splitter - Precision Optics

Looking for a Beam Splitter, Polarizing Beam Splitter or Non-Polarizing Beam Splitter? Precision Optical offers a wide selection of both standard and custom .


3M Electronics Manufacturing : High Performance LCOS .

The LCOS Optical Core comprises three polarizing beam splitters (PBS) and a color combiner that are lead and cadmium free.


Plate Beamsplitters | High quality dielectric coating | N-BK7 substrate

Plate beamsplitters split incident light into two beams of differing wavelengths.


Polarizing Beam Splitter Cubes - High Power Polarisers

In contrast to TFP polarization beam splitters, the beam does not incur an offset in beam splitter cubes.


Knight Optical: Cheap Beamsplitters

There are two builds of beamsplitter, cube beamsplitters and plate beamsplitters. Knight Optical supply both types of beamsplitters.


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